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FAM Fatto a mano 280

FAM Fatto a mano 280

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Strong or soft, luminous or pale, neutral or on-trend – free your intuition to find the perfect color. Think of cabled sweaters in a deep, chocolate brown, delicate lace pullovers in a pale blue-grey or light summer tops in bright red.

Channel your inner feminine energy and express it outwardly, for you know instinctively, what suits you best.

Let your intuition take the lead on your next project! But as a general rule: the pinker, the better!


As natural movements reflect in water, so your knitting reflects the world you live in. Choose calm, natural colors, to feel relaxed and in tune with nature, or go for bright colours if you particularly need a boost of energy.

What you knit, where you knit and who you knit with will always have an influence on you, don’t underestimate that. Always strive to reflect your dreams and intentions in your project.

Use the time, whilst you are knitting, to think about yourself and the world around you!


An opulent palette of jewel colors, capturing the light of the rainbow. Combine muted tones of blue, green and violet and add accents of a clear turquoise or a fresh green. Play with light and shadow, include simple but effective textures and combine with easy lace patterns.

Regarding the silhouette, think long and open or short and over-sized. In essence, the perfect pieces to create depth for layered looks.

Matte, shiny, soft, fluffy, functional – find inspiration in the yarns and this perfect prism of colors!

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